The University of Tennessee Business Management Guide has been prepared especially for you in your role as head of an academic or administrative unit or manager of a program. It is designed to provide an easily readable supplement to the University’s policies and procedures that provides information you need to manage your department in a fiscally responsible manner. The topics include:

  • Departmental financial management
  • Human resources and payroll
  • Purchasing and contracting
  • Sponsored programs
  • Recording and depositing money received
  • Shortages, property losses, and fraud

If you would like further assistance on any topic addressed in the guide or need assistance in dealing with any issue regarding management of your department, we encourage you to contact your campus or unit chief business officer or the Audit and Compliance staff at (or call 865-974-6611).

We hope you will find the guide useful and welcome any suggestions you have to improve it.

Brian Daniels, Chief Audit and Compliance Officer
Audit and Compliance